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Special Thanks (Past and Present Contributors)

  • Special thanks first goes to Lea Salonga, for being the incredible person that she is!
  • Fletcher Callanta
  • Noel Banez
  • Victor Lirio
  • Don Leventhal
  • Stephane Ly-Cuong
  • Don Brew
  • Mike Avila - for up-to-date info on Lea
  • The various Lea Salonga web sites from which we obtained much of this information
  • Michele Ono for scanning the cover of the "Little Tramp" soundtrack
  • Brian Tesoro for scanning the cover of In Theater magazine
  • Jon Bautista for sending various songs in the multimedia section
  • The Lea Salonga newsgroup, internet mailing list, and all Lea Salonga fans for the suggestions and warm words, this page is dedicated to you
  • Mimi Hollander, for providing wonderful video to share with everyone


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